Remote Work amid COVID-19 spread

As the new coronavirus spreads, more companies are asking people to work from home. For many people, a period of remote work is looking increasingly inevitable. Due to this, Pulse.Digital has decided to switch their 80 collaborators for remote work starting today until further notice. In doing so, the agency will make sure that everyone is properly connected and that the work is delivered as usually without delays. We are used to remote work. Nothing will change in the way we manage our employees and our exchanges with our partners. We don’t have an exact idea of when we should be able to come back and work at the office but we need to be prepared for an extended remote work. That is often easier said than done: Technology doesn’t always work properly, children may be running around and employees sometimes lack the right equipment. This is why we have to be aware that communication, is very important in running this process without any impacts. 

Please make sure to stay home to avoid any contamination among your family and your beloved ones. This is a hard moment for all of us but the best approach to adopt with the COVID-19 is to consider yourself and all your entourage already contaminated and that you have the responsibility of social distance.

We trust you so BE RESPONSIBLE.