TECH_AWARENESS FIRST CALL has been a success! We’re so proud and lucky to have been part of this great project launched for the first time in Pulse office. this is the one event that doesn’t really need promotion. We probably don’t give enough credits to our dear employees that were so involved during the meeting.

Adil JAD Allah Eddib, who organized the content of this first edition was impeccable. Aside of being highly instructive, the four points that he has chosen launched a very interactive discussion. We’ve spoken about the PHP 7.4 and his release on November 28, 2019, then the 10x engineer big debate since Shekhar Kirani’s tweet about the flagship issue of “How you’d spot a 10x engineer?” -a point that quickly drove us to a more fervent debate.

Third point was Libra BlockChain which of course involved the inevitable comparison to bitcoin. Very interesting point took the floor at the moment: should we trust Libra as “stable coin” defined by Marcus David -Facebook Executive- as “more like a traditional currency?! The debate about that is still ongoing in Pulse corridors! The best was saved for last; the 4th and major point was the dark patterns; Adil painted out different features of interface design that are mainly crafted to trick users into doing things they might not want to do.

To sum up, we have been introduced to a collection of informations that a lot of us weren’t aware of but made us exchange and share both a technological and intellectual moment. This is what TECH-AWARENESS is about. We are proud of how our first edition went. Here is to even more successful editions and the best is yet to come.