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This is Mehdi Bouy

Pulse ’s IT Project Manager. Mehdi hasn’t always been an IT project Manager. Mehdi Bouy is one of the oldest collaborator Pulse had since it was created in 2017. We could tell from how he talks about it. Mehdi can dish out some modesty but he’s definitely one of Pulse ’s important building brick.

-When did you integrate Pulse ?

I came in at the end of 2017, couple of months after they opened the moroccan offices. I was newly graduating from  the EMSI and started as intern at Pulse. Back then we were a team of 10 people. After a month, Pulse offered me to officially onboard as a wordpress specialist. I did that for 7 months and i learned to much things that had big impact on my technical knowledge.

-When did you switch to digital Marketing and why ?

You know when you have a team of 10 people, you come to know what everyone is doing and the smooth communication is already set for any curious mind. At that time we didn’t have any digital marketer and we were kind of doing it without knowing what it was. I discovered a passion for it and as we were all building from the source i had the most freedom to work creatively and show the best of myself. Pulse offered me to switch position to digital marketing so i signed up for it and i had the best experience. The swiss team was of incredible assistance.

-What’s your current position at Pulse? and what are your main tasks?

I’m an IT project manager and basically i’m in charge of initiating projects and communicating job expectations planning, monitoring as well as appraising job results like coaching counselling coordinating and enforcing systems, policies and procedures. I also have to prepare annual budget, schedule expenditure, analyse variances, correct actions and couple of tasks like such. It’s a vast and rich area where you can adapt tasks following the need. Main goal is to accomplish results and monitor projects efficiently till their closing. It’s more fun than it seems!

– How do you see Pulse growing with its team ?

Pulse is like a rare flower that is enjoying growing up and it does it fast. Since the beginning of the adventure i had the best projection for Pulse and until now i was right. The beginning of any company is a natural time of assessment and planing but it’s always a good time to take stock of what it wants to accomplish  and who it wants to become and you can’t do that without a company culture. Having great company culture is no longer just an option. Today’s workers consider it as much as they consider salary and benefits. In fact, fantastic company culture is almost expected along with other traditional benefits. At pulse, i have the feeling that even after achieving incredible grow -and we’re on the path for- We would still work with a family culture that was naturally implemented, where everything seems to be possible and any evaluation is a fun part. Since i started, I always had the feeling that i would start working for a company and leave after to build my own. I’d say that Pulse changed my perspective. I literally feel i’m working for my own company. It’s a part of me and i enjoy watching it growing and embellishing like i would for my kids. If an employee or a collaborator achieves naturally this mindset it means that a company would surely have a growing future. Here, We often like to project ourselves in a bigger firm but i’d say that the current Pulse would still be the most gracious and sociable version of it. I love so much working here!