Visiting our partners

As a part of our ongoing collaboration, Youssef got to visit one of our partners in their Switzerland offices.
During the visit, both parties got to discuss future plans and collaboration prospects, our partner’s potential needs in terms of profiles as well as a detailed description of the position and its requirements.

One of the main points discussed is consultants’ training. The goal is to have the consultants trained by our partners in Switzerland once a year in order to keep up with the new processes and technologies, and towards the end of the course, get new certifications.

Afterwards, both parties headed to meet one of our biggest clients to get their feedback on our services and processes and overall experience with us.
The meeting also covered a general performance review of our current team based on their productivity and ability to work with a multicultural group of people. Fortunately, there is a general consensus that our teams are very efficient and can work well in stressful environment.

Although our teams are currently doing very well, the hiring process is still a little bit slow due to the high level of quality our partners are demanding. So, slowly but surely, we working towards reaching our goal of 50 consultants before the end of the year.